How To Choose The “Perfect” Tattoo?

One Of my favourite tattoos

When getting something as big as a tattoo, which is nearly impossible to get off once you’ve got it. You’ll always want to make sure you pick the “right one”.

I’ve got 7 Tattoos and most would say they are addictive. When I didn’t have tattoos I would tell people they are crazy to think that, but now I totally agree!

The reason why I agree is due to social media!

It allows us to see so many things we couldn’t possibly imagine and this is what makes it so hard not to regret getting the tattoos you’ve already got!

Here is my advice for picking the perfect tattoo for you!

  • Take time: Always take some time to consider if that particular tattoo is something you definitely want! I have small tattoos and I plan to get them covered up.

  • Look into the meaning first: we always hear about people getting tattoos in other languages and then it meaning chicken instead of love, so checking on more than google languages is a good idea before getting a tattoo.
  • Research tattoo studios and artists: I’ve been and got tattoos by huge places and names and they have been the worst decision of my life. When stuff like that happens it makes you regret getting tattoos altogether! Always research and get advice before making a big decision.

  • Don’t follow trends: never ever follow trends just because you’ve seen a celebrity get it or because it’s the next big thing on Pinterest! Only get something if it’s truly what you want and not something you’ll regret.

  • Make sure it’s art: Only get a tattoo if you know that it’s art! Like if you get it for your favourite character from a film then you stop watching it or you end up not liking it. You don’t want to end up hating it and getting a cover up! Too expensive and laser is a bitch!

These are just a few things to consider when picking a tattoo! Even if you think a tiny tattoo isn’t important at the time you don’t wanna wake up regretting what you had done!

My very unimpressed Bemo.

I’ve lived to regret tattoos but still plan to get more, always remember that life if about making mistakes! Just make sure its one you can get covered up.