Circa’s Forever King Puts on Great Performance for 5th place in Week 1 of the Injustice 2 StreamMe War of the Gods League

Forever King goes 3–0 in 3 consecutive sets to secure his spot in Saturday’s Top 32.

Christian “Forever King” Quiles of Circa Esports had a great showing in the first week of the War of the Gods League for Injustice 2. He finished the tournament tied for 5th place and won 7 out of the 9 sets he played.

Forever King started his tournament run in the 10th pool, where he would put on a flawless performance. After a DC in the first round he went off on 3 consecutive 3–0 sets versus players such as “Slayeredhat” and “Awesomo”, sending him forward to Saturday’s Top 32.

After a close 3–2 loss in the Winner’s Final of his Top 32 pool, Forever King gets a clean 3–0 victory to secure his Top 8 spot.

The Top 32 would prove to be not as easy of a time for Forever King. However, he still pulled through with some great games to stay alive in the tournament. He would start his Top 32 run in the Winner’s Semi-Final versus “Uncle Creepy”, winning the hard fought set 3–1. Forever King would then face “PerfectLegend”, taking the set to the full 5 games, but unfortunately losing 3–2. He was not out yet though, he would go on to face “Uncle Creepy” a second time in the Loser’s Final, winning the set 3–0 and advancing to the Top 8.

Going into the Top 8, Forever King knew he would be facing strong competition and brought his A game. He would start off against “Kinetic Predator” in Round 1 of the Loser’s Top 8, winning the set decisively 3–0. Forever King would move on to the Loser’s Quarter-Final to face Critical Reaction’s “Theo”, and though he played well he would lose the set 3–0 and would be eliminated from the tournament.

Forever King’s performance was good enough to get him 5th place in Week 1 of the StreamMe War of the Gods League. He felt good about his performance overall, saying “I had a fun time playing in the tournament, I’m really glad we have War of the Gods to compete in and you can definitely count on seeing my Batman next week!” We here at Circa are sure he will come back in Week 2 with another great performance!