Quadruple Esports Officially Merge with Relic Gaming!

Relic Gaming have officially acquired Quadruple Esports, and with that the entire staff of Quadruple will be moving to Relic and looking to make Relic a more strong and well rounded organization.

I got the opportunity to chat with some of the staff members of Relic, including Co-Owner Travis “KhaotiK” Wallis and Co-Owner Josh “Chronos” Chinsky . Lets see what they have to say about the merger.

Francis “Frankie” Pepe: How do you feel about the merge as a whole and what prompted this decision?

Josh “Chronos” Chinsky: “I personally feel very confident about the merge with Quadruple Esports. Both organizations have the same mentality as to where they want to be in the near future, and it was mutually beneficial for both organizations to merge ownership and their assets to better each other’s chances at succeeding in the Esports scene.”

Travis “KhaotiK” Wallis: “We at Relic are very proud to welcome the staff from Quadruple Esports. What prompted the decision was a mutual understanding between the Relic front office and a few key members of the Quadruple front office. We are all grinding for the same goals, and the same outcome. The merge was a well-placed decision that will benefit both organizations in the long run.”

F: What is something you can see Relic achieving now that you couldn’t see Relic achieving before the merger?

J: “One of the many perks of merging with another org is that the two can combine their assets, and one of those assets is the staff members of each org can come together and support each other. With the additional staff from Quadruple, we at Relic are able to better delegate tasks to each staff member. We as owners are better able to look at opportunities for the organization while not having to worry about daily tasks not being accomplished at the same time.In addition to the acquisition of more members, Relic has significantly gained more funding via the new owners, and without that contribution it would have taken many long months before we’d be able to financially support our organization to the extent we are now able to.”

T: “With more eyes and ears means more responsibilities to be handed out, and an ease of pressure on the owners and the staff in Relic that have dedicated countless hours and sacrificed hours of sleep to see ourselves in the position that we have presented to us now.”

F: Out of all the organizations out there that Relic could have merged with, why do you think Relic chose Quadruple?

J: “Since Relic’s creation in February, we have received many offers for mergers, especially after we sent a team to Anaheim and started to make a name for ourselves in the esports scene. However, none of them truly believed in the ideals that we at Relic Gaming stand for, and the dedication to put in the amount of time necessary to grow to the highest level possible.”

T: “To touch base on question #1, we have mutual respect for the front office of Quad. Quad is a great organization with great staff, and they share the same competitive drive as us, and want the same things down the line as we. We are very privileged to welcome these guys to the Relic Army and call our newest members family.”

F: What are some goals that you see Relic achieving now that they have Quadruple with them?

J: “One of Relic’s biggest goals these past few months, excluding sending a team to Anaheim, has been to create a dedicated stream team that supports our organization, and also lets us support them in return. While we had streamers prior to the merge, we did not have a dedicated system to help go through the streamers and figure out the best way to get the maximum amount of publicity possible. Now that Relic has merged with Quadruple, we were able to bring on a wonderful stream manager that created our current system to go through streamers. Not only did we become more advanced with our streamers, but we also were able to reach our goal of getting into multiple eSports at a time, acquiring a CS:GO team, two DOTA 2 teams, a possible Overwatch team, as well as several amazing fighters that are attending LAN events in the coming months.”

T: “To be able to assign more roles, and more responsibilities that our nearly acquired members can help achieve. Scouting members, potential streamers, and look into new titles for Relic to expand to are just a few of many options we have presented to us now with the Quad office on board.”