2017 — Calligraphy Hair Cut Trend

Calligraphy is the ancient Egyptian art of beautiful hand writing which has inspired the development of the calligraphy razor, making it the future of hairstyling. Frank Brormann got the inspiration from cutting flowers, taking him six years to develop the technique and design the tool. Take a look at some frequently asked questions about calligraphy cut hair styles

What is the calligraphy haircut?

It’s the latest cutting technique where hair gets cut at an angle with a specially designed blade and each individual tip is put in motion. Due to this procedure hair stays healthy for longer and split ends are prevented.

What’s a calligraphy pen?

A precision-sharp pen shaped cutting tool that’s angled at three degrees and cuts each strand of hair on the diagonal. The pen is held like a paintbrush and your hair stylist will use pulsing strokes towards the tips of your hair.

How’s the calligraphy cut different from a scissors cut?

Scissors cut the hair in a straight and dull motion, but the technique of cutting the hair at a 21 degree angle increases surface area to the tip by 270%!

How does it add volume to your hair?

With each touch the hair gets a motion impulse and more richness — the angle gives hair vibrancy that can’t be achieved with scissors. Fuller hair is soft to the touch, and flexible and controllable to style.

Hair types perfect for calligraphy cuts

Exceptions to the type of hair suitable for this cut are over-bleached, frizzy, or very curly hair. Other than that the cut works well for a variety of hair types: adding texture to long fine hair, taking excess weight from thick hair, and sculpting shorter cuts. The beauty of the tool is it makes haircuts even more customisable!

Your Recommended Hair Stylist

Frankie Cochrane, London, is a professional hair stylist who specialises in the art of beautiful hair cutting with exceptional calligraphy penned results. The calligraphy cut combines careful craftsmanship with creativity — cutting the hair obliquely and increasing the volume of the hair. The many benefits include the prevention of damage, a weightless feel to the hair without any harsh lines, and a fuller and bouncier look. You’ll be able to get a consultation here for free!