Checks That Will Determine A Counterfeit Vintage Calvin Klein Piece And Other Brands

If you want to avoid the risk of picking up counterfeit vintage clothing you must be careful when you select and take out some time to run some necessary and useful checks. The reasons of such risks can be varied. It may be the retailers made a mistake or may have purposefully deceitful so that they can make more money. Being able to tell the difference between original and fake will save a lot of money as well.

Identifying Fake Calvin Klein Items

All items displayed may not be authentic vintage Calvin Klein item. Check for the size as fake products will be often incorrect in size. Apart from that you should look at the stitching of the item which may not be as per the set standards as you will see in original Calvin Klein products. Look for tight stitching and professional finish which is the hallmark of all CK items. Most importantly, look at the shape of the ‘e’ on Klein. It should be semicircular if it is original Calvin Klein product and distorted to any shape other than a semi-circle if it is fake.

Other Aspects Of The Logo

There are few other aspects of the logo of a Calvin Klein product, be it a women’s sportswear or any other. There are usually two labels inside that you should check for. One will show the company logo and other will show the main label and also the model of the shirt. The logo will be essentially clean and clear and there will not be any extra material in it. Check that the letter C and A of Calvin are connected when you check the label of the product. Apart from that you should also focus on the stitching of the label which must be essentially straight and clean to signify that the product in your hand is original and not counterfeit.

Some Other Signs To Look For

A good clothing store will not only stock vintage Calvin Klein items unless it is an authorized showroom. There are also other brand names that are also good to consider when you want to own vintage clothes. While looking for an authentic Lactose polo shirt check the button holes as original ones will have two holes to be genuine. If the buttons are sewn in any other way than vertically you should immediately change it as buttons in Lactose shirts are the real Mother of Pearl having unique and distinct patterns. The sizes mentioned in Lactose shirt will be in numbers and it will have two tags one for the size and the other indicating where it is from.

Traits Of Other Popular Brands

There are also some significant and characteristic checks to be made for few popular brands that are displayed in vintage clothing stores. The Ralph Lauren products will have neat stitching of label with clear spacing of the two words and the rider will be identifiable from the horse. The D and I of Adidas should be in the first and second square respectively. Similarly, check for the rivets and ‘501’ in Levi’s products for that ‘lived in’ look.