Frank Rapacciuolo

UI /UX Designer at Musixmatch

Tobia Crivellari

UX/UI Designer at Bonagora, Berlin

Michele Mazzucco

UI/UX Designer from Italy

Pietro Schirano

Italian UX designer at OpenTable, San Francisco

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Tobia Crivellari

Stories of Musixmatch team

Hrvoje Grubišić

UI / UX Designer from Zagreb, Croatia

Matt D. Smith

UI/UX designer from Athens, USA

Pavel Proshin

UX/UI designer from Moscow, Russia.

Davide Casali

UX Designer from Italy


UI/UX designer from Pakistan

Barthelemy Chalvet

UI/UX Designer based In Paris. Founder of AgenceMe and lead designer at Xola.

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Working at Musixmatch

A little story of an italian UI/UX Designer

All started when Max Ciociola, CEO of musiXmatch, contacted me through my personal website, writing to me…