Monday Morning Office Poems

The Artist At Home, Wasting Time Before Commuting


dear coworker,
your work email sent a fake phishing dropbox link to the whole office
click less porn at work
thank you

“Angry Voicemail”

no matter what they all say
all they all really say is
and I can only lie

except that one about an insurance audit
that one definitely matters
I’ll forward that to the accountant


O, Fiber One bar! Chocolatey and fibrous!
Crinkly in thy Plaſtic, crinkly in thy texture!
Thou art my Morning’s repaſt
Becauſe the other ſorts of Food
Have not

“Heroin Man”

Heroin Man, Heroin Man
Doing your heroin where-ever you can
Today that’s in front of my office
I don’t think you’re supposed to bleed that much,
Heroin Man?

“Six o’Clock”

Freedom comes but once
Each day goes but comes again
Freedom: six o’clock

“Hm Hang On”

OK that last one
Was a bit over the top
Things: could be MUCH worse

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