An Open Letter to Trisha Paytas

Frankie Harlow
Mar 24 · 3 min read

Dear Trisha,
For once, it is actually hard to write something because my emotions are scattered and my anger towards you may impair anything useful I have to say. I know who you are because we share the same geographical pool, normally I would not involve myself in such childish drama from someone of your class — or lack thereof; however, as someone who has Dissociative Identity Disorder I have to tell you that in the end, you are destroying yourself. Not for one minute do I believe you have DID, that you’re not doing this to gain attention, or you even care about people who you are hurting by posting such uneducated drivel.

You have single handedly hurt the community you claim you are trying to help. First of all, it takes quite a long time to be properly diagnosed with DID, sometimes years. Many people are misdiagnosed because DID is so hard to pinpoint. You have stated that you have self-diagnosed…by that logic, I should have a Pulitzer because I have few successful stories on Medium.

For those of us who live with this condition, it is something we honestly would like to not have, but it is a means of survival. As with many people in the industry, you are bastardizing and mocking a mental health condition that is hard enough to come clean about, for fear of…well, people like you.

I understand that you do have some mental illness, otherwise you wouldn’t be acting the way you do, but, you and only you are hurting yourself. Honestly, look at yourself. You sell what you think is sexy, trying to fit in with the other bronze, plastic, nobodies, in a town of wannabes. The way you present yourself is what you will get in return. Energy recognizes energy.

I love steak, but if it was served to me on a garbage can lid with mud, blood, and maggots on it, that steak would be most unappetizing. You are the garbage can lid and you expect people to take you seriously. We don’t.

By claiming that you have DID or any mental illness, you are scaring people who genuinely have conditions and are trying to get help. You are waving your freak flag to a mass of viewers who do not understand DID, and, giving false information which contributes to the stigma of mental health. It harms the community on many levels, it compromises our dignity, and it is a form of bullying.

Photo: Geralt

You are putting a target on the backs of those of us who are legitimately trying to help others and seek help.

By making such claims about yourself, you are influencing others on how to treat people with a mental illness. I am not going to get into the semantics of what you say or how you feel, it is a waste of time and takes away from the people I help on a daily basis.

The reality is that you, Trisha Paytas, need professional help. You need to do some inpatient time and make the effort to get better. Anyone can easily get information, especially misinformation, online about any subject and claim to be an expert; you are only an expert in being manipulative and doing whatever you can to gain views.

The anger you have caused within the DID community is justified. Nobody started bullying you first. You took cheap shots at someone who is respected in our (mine, not yours) community. I understand nothing I say will make a difference in how you behave, but maybe someone trying to find out about DID will see this and know that you are not the poster child for Dissociative Identity Disorder. You are misinforming people, and are uneducated in the field you claim to know so much about.

We, do not stand with you Trisha Paytas.

My hope is that anyone who wants to know about DID finds reputable resources and does research before believing someone who failed at acting classes.

Frankie Harlow

Written by

Honest confessions about mental health and life lessons in hopes of helping & inspiring others. Gen X, free spirit, world traveler.

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