Justice For Johnny Depp

Frankie Harlow
Feb 2 · 3 min read

What a tangled web being woven in Hollywood, society, and in your town. For ages men have dominated, abused, and enslaved women for their own wanton egos; and in 2017 a movement went viral that shook our collective circles. #MeToo ravaged through the world of phallic ideologies that have been constructed by men and started handing out lawsuits and accusations.

What about the abused men? There’s room for them too, but we don’t talk about that. Men are, by nature and statistically stronger, larger, and more prone to be abusive than women. However the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence state that every 1 in 9 men experience intimate partner violence. Those are just the ones who report it. Today if a man even breathes the wrong way around a women he is considered a predator and abuser. It’s no wonder more men don’t speak out.

Today Twitter blew up trending #JusticeForJohnnyDepp, as new audio has been released as evidence of his partner abusing him. Could it be the tides turning in favour of our male counterparts? Perhaps, or maybe we are about to embark on a food fight of abuse allegations from both sides with no winner.

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I am not a fan of modern feminism. I digress, I am not a fan of how feminists conduct themselves. How they rage. I wholeheartedly believe in the issues being fought against but when those p*%$y hats came out and women started to literally rage against the male machine, it was redundant.

Here we are telling men we want this and that and all of that over there while responding to them the way we tell them we don’t want to be treated. I’m sorry ladies, but, if you want equality then you take the good and the bad not just what suits your situation. Men, I think women are trying so hard to just be heard that they don’t care about collective dignity. I do not stand with a lot of my sisters and that doesn’t mean that I condone abuse from men.

We have someone like Amber Heard being an ambassador for women’s rights and she is gaslighting Johnny Depp about the abuse she inflicted on him. Where is the press? Where are the people who months ago were speaking about the several cases in Hollywood that continue to happen against women. This situation is a perfect example of the destruction modern feminism has on society. People were ready to nail Johnny to the HollYwood sign, but now, we’re not going to hold Amber Heard to the same standards?

She is still the victim in many people’s eyes. I don’t know, maybe it was mutual abuse, maybe they both are the victims; or maybe we don’t want to admit that women can be just as abusive because it goes against the fight for women’s freedoms.

It is a hot mess in that ring and right now, nobody is the ring leader. There will be some who say he provoked her to abuse him so she is still the victim. My hope is that he will change the landscape of the #MeToo Movement and become an advocate for men who are too fearful to come forward. I hope society holds Amber and any other women to the same standards as a man accused of abuse. The defamation lawsuits are in full swing against women. Here is someone admitted she abused a man and she will likely walk away mostly unscathed.

I don’t see a winner to this battle of the sexes, we haven’t even talked about lesbian on lesbian partner abuse!

…and the world keeps turning.

Frankie Harlow

Written by

Honest confessions about mental health and life lessons in hopes of helping & inspiring others. Gen X, free spirit, world traveler.

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