Poetry №2

Frankie Harlow
Jan 31 · 2 min read
Photo: Pixabay

I thought we were sympatico
Years of bruises, trusses, and love,
Always supporting
Sometimes let down,
Our crazy worlds collided
As we shared centre stage,
Going down rabbit holes
To find ourselves in bed,
With one another and other fluffers,
With the enemy and questionable lovers

I thought we were sympatico
Afterall, we are the only two who can stand each other,
But the less you stayed
I found you don’t care,
Just two names of broken people
being drug through the mud

I thought we were sympatico
Going through deaths, rebirths, and rebrands,
Changing the cost of admission
By recalculating our intention,
Guess I was wrong
To just assume right,
I suppose we are sympatico
We aren’t willing to fight

Poetry Food for Thought:

What are some assumptions you make about relationships with people in your circle?

What types of feelings does this piece evoke in you?

Would you care to share?

About This Piece:

This piece is from an old journal I recently found from 2005. I’m not sure who it was about but obviously there is a lot of conflict and hurt. This is a time when I was living in Chicago, which was difficult and didn’t feel like I had a home. People came and went and there was a lot of backstabbing by people I considered close friends.

©2005 [Reprint] Frankie Harlow; journal.

Frankie Harlow

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Honest confessions about mental health and life lessons in hopes of helping & inspiring others. Gen X, free spirit, world traveler.

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