Real Life Lessons About Money!

To JUMP START your WEALTH you have to think about MONEY differently! Most people think of MONEY like a CONSUMER (How much they have to spend) which leads to having little to NO WEALTH, why? because your money is gone once you find all the ways to spend it. For most it means paying bills and barely getting by! STOP IT start thinking of MONEY like a FARMER thinks of SEEDS. Farmers know seeds if planted properly create more seeds and if they continue this trend they can EXPAND & GROW their CROP! Same thing with MONEY if you dont USE (plant) your MONEY properly it will only vanish as it is SPENT, but if you PLANT your MONEY in something that brings a RETURN on your MONEY (more seeds) then suddenly your money expands and soon doubles and even multiples. Once you find the proper places and things to PLANT your MONEY in keep planting like this again and again…..THIS MY FRIEND IS CREATING WEALTH!

Wealth is not how much money you have but the ability to choose how you want to spend your time because of the income you have created.

***REAL LIFE TIPS on how to get started…

If you have NO $$ MONEY $$ (which most people think they need to start creating wealth, but its not true!) Be creative! Leverage your talents, gifts, or things such as your time, or even someone you know to earn the money you need to BEGIN.

For example, I once had no $$ NO MONEY $$ I mean beyond broke, but I had a nice smart phone, that I really liked so I decided to sell it I took the first offer even though it was below what I wanted because I was not only leveraging something I had to sell but I was leveraging my time as well. The quicker I sold it the faster I could flip the cash into more money, and I did. I bought an old junker car for $100 and turned around and sold it for $300. I also offer family photos and created 4 sessions for $75 a piece, and before you know it in a week and a half I had flip my money from photography sessions and flipping junk cars into over $3000 just in time for Christmas.

I understand not everyone can take photos or flip cars like I did, but those are just examples, but maybe you can go yard selling and find things for super cheap and sell them on ebay for 2x their value and use that money to buy something with more value to fix up and flip to grow your CROP (money). Doesn’t matter how you do it, the point is take something you have even its just your talents or time and turn it into MONEY and then take that money and create more from replanting it over and over again, and before you know it you will have grown your crop into Fields of plenty.

Lessons I learned from doing this the wrong way…

  • Never stop hustling to grow your money (dont get content)
  • Never allow GREED to take over you and your decision making.
  • Don’t allow yourself to get distracted from the goals you had. Once you achieve those goals create bigger goals and repeat.
  • Share the wealth by teaching others how to do the same.This true success.

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