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A unique look inside the mind of an adult autistic woman prior to diagnosis.

A guest post written by Marie-Louise Speirs


I don’t know why I suddenly discovered this piece of writing in an old folder on my computer, and I certainly have no recollection of writing it. Now I wonder, did I even finish this, or did I mean to leave it hanging there?

What I do know, though, is that this was my life two years ago and nothing has changed; except that perhaps I understand myself a little better now. …

I Survived My Narcissistic Father

A guest post written by Marie-Louise Speirs

As we walked into the hospice, a nurse recognised me and quietly led us down the corridor to a room with the door slightly ajar. Without speaking, she gently pushed the door open and motioned for us to enter the semi-darkened room. My daughter and granddaughter hadn’t been to visit before so were understandably cautious and unsure of what to expect behind that door, but I knew from previous visits where I wanted to be. …

One of the most common traits of successful people is that they always carry a notebook. Whether physical or digital, they always have something on hand to write down notes and ideas.

In your notebook you can write any new information you receive or an idea that springs to mind, like:

  • A telephone number or address
  • A birthday to add to your calendar
  • An idea that popped into your mind
  • A short email you need to write
  • An interesting point to do an online search for
  • A quick task you need to take care of.

If you’ve been using a…

What motivates you? A typical answer might be:

  • A promotion or pay rise
  • Providing for your family
  • Working towards an early retirement.

Those are all worthy goals, but this question is a little different.

  • When you’re working on a task that you’d rather not be doing, what is it that makes you continue working?
  • What thoughts run through your mind?
  • What stops you from taking the easy route and having a break or doing something else?

Imagine you’re working on a task that is boring, tedious or otherwise interesting. You have to do it, but you’d rather do anything else.

When are you most productive?

  • Do you hit the ground running and get your best work done as soon as you arrive at the office?
  • Does it take you a while to warm up, and you don’t hit your stride until after you’ve had your mid-morning coffee?
  • Is it towards the end of the day when everything starts fitting together and you’re doing your best work?

Understanding when in your day you feel the most alert, awake, and ready to achieve is essential. This requires introspection and reviewing your mood and energy throughout the day. …

If you’re like most people, you’re guilty of doing the same task several times a day without even realising it. Not sure if this applies to you? Make a note of how many times each day you check your phone or check your emails.

Many people do these tasks without even realising they’re doing it. For some people, it’s classic FOMO — the fear of missing out on a new email or being out of the loop on something. For others, it’s a sign of boredom or a way to procrastinate from tackling more important tasks. Whatever the reason, it’s…

Before I wrote a word of my latest book, “To Do Lists That Work”, I spent months on an in-depth (some might say excessive) study. I looked into the ways different people from different walks of life all over the world kept their to do lists. I knew that most people struggled to create a focused and helpful to do list. I knew people were feeling frustrated and overwhelmed by their to do list systems. …

When you study the habits of successful people, you’ll find several recurring themes. One is that they have learned to say, “No” to almost everything. This ties back to the difference between urgent and important. Important tasks are usually tasks for yourself, like long-term goals or projects. Urgent tasks usually benefit someone else.

Imagine a colleague requesting data from you to finalise their own project. The project is important to your colleague, but not to you. Your colleague then attempted to pass on some of the work by presenting it as urgent.

If you’re like most people, you’re struggling with…

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