How To: Programmatically Change iOS Status Bar Color with SwiftUI

Frank Jia
2 min readMay 8, 2020
Source: Apple
Source: Apple | We want to change the color of this status bar content

With UIKit, changing the color of the status bar content is as simple as:

Unfortunately, it took quite a bit of searching (and some help from this StackOverflow question) to find a suitable solution for SwiftUI. Let’s get started!

First, let’s understand how SwiftUI views are attached in SceneDelegate.swift:

We see that the root SwiftUI view, ContentView is attached to a single UIHostingController, which is the root view controller of the key window.

The key to programmatically changing the status bar color is to create our own implementation of UIHostingController:

Now in SceneDelegate.swift, we can simply use ContentHostingController instead of UIHostingController. But how do we retrieve the ContentHostingController in a SwiftUI view, so that we can call changeStatusBarStyle?

In SceneDelegate, recall that we made ContentHostingController the rootViewController of our key window. We can then declare an extension on UIApplication to access these properties:

Nice! Now all we need to do in a view is something like the following:

And that’s it!

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