The Remain cause, and Lord Adonis
Owen Jones

Interesting but you’re stuck in the political and social elements — the Brexiters understood and continue to exploit the irrational prejudices, biases etc that drove this decision. That is how you get to a point where super rich tax dodgers can portray blue passports as a victory that is only sneered at by elites!

  1. We know people make irrational decisions and find rational reasons to justify them — (I’m not racists, but foreigners are taking our jobs) so when these reasons are given, they are extremely hard to counter, however false they are.
  2. When the real reasons are revealed as not rational, people will change their reasoning rather than change their opinion. (I never believed the bus, I always knew the economy would suffer, but it’s worth it etc).
  3. When confronted with evidence and solid arguments against a decision, people tend to dig in more firmly as they become more desperate to maintain their opinion — especially when they have invested so much into that decision. Again: this is exploited by the usual suspects. So any institution that warns of the economic cost of Brexit is dismissed as an EU stooge and people believe it without questioning. That’s why someone like Blair or Adonis arguing against Brexit converts no-one.

I think that getting a strong enough sea change in opinion requires understanding this and stop relying on the political undestanding of the situation. Might not be possible, but if it is, it requires going to the level of the tabloids, Johnson etc — understand and use the fears and prejudices, ensure the appeal is emotional, tackle this head on and reclaim the agenda — e.g. Invoke Churchill when told of Blue passports, show Rees Mogg and Johnson as the real enemies of the people, tax dodgers as unpatriotic traitors. Of course, this requires charismatic leadership who can convey passionate belief in the remain cause….

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