Ryan Aeronautical Company
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I’m pretty sure Teledyne and Northrop-Grumman would beg to differ on that, they merged but Ryan’s not really defunct as at least one of their products is still being made, and Northrop-Grumman has been using another model on their own as a EW and sensor testbed.

Ryan isn’t independent anymore, and hasn’t been since 1959, but they’re still making Firebees with a Northrop-Grumman name plate and really ya’ll oughta do a story on it. The Firebee is an incredible little airplane. If it is not the oldest aircraft in service, it is probably very close but there are so many firsts to its name that its a shame more people don’t know about it.

A lot of people have seen the results of their work as flareships, but most have no idea that its basically the RQ-170’s grandpa (that had a very similar mission when they were still using it as a recon drone) laying them down.

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