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We’re Worried About the U.S. Air Force Secretary Nominee
War Is Boring

That’s like the understatement of the millennium.

And anyone who worked at the old Manzano Base, Killeen Base, Lake Mead Base, Bossier Base, or the modern Kirtland Underground Munitions Storage Facility would burst out laughing at it. Sandia doesn’t just maintain and refurb the weapons.

Sandia makes the primaries that make the weapons work. They prove the weapon designs at the Z Pulsed Power Facility, so we don’t have to test in a manner that can be observed by our adversaries. They test the transportation containers weapons and waste get shipped in by dropping them from a tower and running things into them at high speed, as well as setting them on fire such as in the first picture here. They used to test EMP on Aircraft at TRESTLE. They do a fair amount of assembly and maintenance work, that is true, especially considering how big the Kirtland Coathanger is. SNL used to have a facility with a nuclear reactor that they’d intentionally melt down twice a month to prove safety features. The Mixed Waste landfill is was where we used to store LLMW and some transuranics prior to the WIPP in Carlsbad. They also do quite a bit with what used to be the Phillips Lab in regard to directed energy weapons, and in conjunction with Lovelace Respiratory Research Institute’s campus just south of the Manzano Mountain they quite literally wrote the book on how to deal with inhaled radiation exposure, as well as chemical and biological weapon decontamination, prophylaxis, and post-exposure treatment. I could go on, but you get the idea. Sandia’s really important to much more than just nuclear weapons, but it is supremely important to the nuclear enterprise.

That being said, Wilson is probably not a good idea for a position involving the Air Force, considering Kirtland AFB and DTRA’s massive involvement and necessary interest in the day to day activities of SNL. Then again, Trump’s an ignorant crybully and a hypocrite, so I’m not surprised at all. He’s draining the swamp in a funny damn way.

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