Rejoice, the U.S. Navy Scraps Its Awful ‘Blueberry’ Uniforms
War Is Boring

Why not save everyone money and put everyone in Natick’s Scorpion pattern, similar to how the BDU was? None of the other patterns are decent, MARPAT included. The Air Force can’t go outside the wire in the ABU (at least they got rid of the stupid green boots), the pre-scorpion UCP on the ACU gave us all targets on our backs, the Navy blueberries are good at hiding paint stains but not much else and Navy special warfare wears multicam (which is basically Scorpion) anyway. The USCG’s flat blue is alright, but even they don’t need something special.

I mean the Marines will bitch and moan about it, so don’t listen to them. Seriously there’s a ton of money being wasted on this shit when there’s a solution staring everyone in the face. It might not be “cool”, but “cool” shouldn’t be a concern when discussing uniforms.

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