Anatel go back and does not limit the internet more.

After undergoing popular pressure, Anatel decides not limit the Internet in Brazil. The decision to date is indefinitely

Brazil – After suffering a lot of popular pressure, Anatel (National Telecommunications Agency) decided to go back on the decision to limit the Internet in Brazil. As announced last week received a sharp rebuke and this quick and concise answer of the population has made the president of Anatel recant his decision indefinitely.

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The changes included youtubers, bloggers, instragrams, snapchatrs, ie all the people who would be affected professionally and soon received the full support of his countless fans.

It is suspected that the measure was influenced by the cartel of TV companies pay that has suffered sharp drop in its audience due to sites that transmit movies and series streaming.

In an absurd attempt to divert attention from the real purpose of the change, the president of Anatel argued that the measure was being taken because of the high flow of game downloads, or by the large consumption of online games. Of course, the company realized he was giving a shot in the foot and then tried to turn back on your decision time.