Brasilia on fire!

The weather heats up the vote on impeachment and parliamentary decorum lose.

In baggy vote, the opposition for the first time in twelve years has shown that the government is dying day by day.

This same government that has had almost 80% approval comes embittering tough defeats. The most serious was yesterday, 17/04, which is certainly making the ruling lose sleep.

Anyway, the political movement still continues and the next stage of the rite takes place in the Senate. Theoretically closed without much interference popular and perhaps tempers infamandos less than those of our members who have even spit on each other during the vote. But we all know that in times like ours any theory is different to be put into practice.

From now on, they are just two sections for the process to come to the Senate and we finally have the outcome of this story.

The most interesting of today is that we could see how our MPs really are. I hope you are as shocked as I was. In the more we wait the scenes of the next chapters.