Every thought deserves a blog?

At the beginning of this century it was thought that reigned on the internet. The covers of magazines focused on teenage audience stamped the big news from the internet. No one understood very well what it was that would revolutionize the communication of a decade.

The free blogs and easy to handle arrived in the early two thousand and with a very strong argument. There on that platform, anyone with Internet access and a bit of good will could publish how many texts wanted as often as desired, and the more people he could. In addition to texts, photos and videos could also be published.

For the first time people who had a lot to say, but had no space, they might have and to give voice to material things without relying on some large vehicle.

You already thought how brilliant it seemed to the people who lived that time of the emergence of these platforms? After all, how many platforms we? In all I have to pay to access them? These and other questions will be answered here in a series of texts involving the universe of blogs and social networks.

But I will quit the post asking you, dear readers (as). In times of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and snapchat, there is still room for the thoughts shared in longer and elaborate texts on the Internet, or blogs really only part of the layer of “grandpas” the web?