Geolocation on Instagram

Buying the war against the snapchat, Instagram uses the refined geolocation of facebook to insert a new feature to the social network.

By: Franklin Couto published on 05/28/2017 at:

Ok Mark, we already understand! You definitely want to end the snapchat.

First came the stories on Instagram, then on whatsapp and even on Messenger. But when it came to facebook the thing was made too explicit. But beauty, the chat today is not Facebook but Instagram that seems to have been the platform that best assimilated the function histories.

In that last week, Facebook’s social photo network has released a feature that displays public stories of users who switch their photos to the location of the city where they are. The cool thing is that because of a much more elaborate location platform for facebook, the database of specific places is infinitely bigger.

Listen to the audio to understand a little better about how this novelty works.

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