On the Internet limit in Brazil.

Anatel allows the deployment of broadband internet limit in Brazil amid the political turmoil. Coincidence?

Amid all the political confusion that the country is facing, Anatel decided to collude with the companies providing internet service regarding internet limit fixed deployment in the country.

What’s funny in all this is that it is an attitude that goes against everything that has been said about the Internet in the last five years.
So far, the speech was to spread the coverage of broadband service in the country in order to digitally include the largest possible portion of the population.

Now, with the implementation of this new model, the fixed Internet service will function similar to the service offered in the coverage of mobile phones. Upon reaching the limit your service contract will be stopped immediately and can be re-established by the addition of complementary packages. The other option is to wait for the month of expiration so there is the renewal of his contract and so the service can be re-established again.

We, the internet users will be the largest affected with these changes. But we have to show alternatives to the providers that we are not satisfied with the action taken by them and we want to continue the fixed internet unlimited.

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