For the third time the party puts members in the most coveted chair of the country without running for election.

Yes, as everyone already thought the offside Rousseff arrived. In fact, it is not yet definitely prevented, but it is very unlikely that it is governance conditions if the responsibility of crime is not proven.

Despite all the warning about the excessive power to a party that does not hold good reputation been a while, at least the market already shows the possibility of more investments in the country. This can give us a chance to breathe, even for a few months.

Now that the hammer was hit, President Michel Temer (PMDB) has a large majority in both houses and that guarantees governability that the Dilma government could not find. This combined with appropriate choices and well structured measures it offers doors open the possibility of an economic recovery that can bring us back as conquest financial stability and the resumption of job creation.

The funny thing is that if you look, the PMDB in its 50-year history never elected any officially president, despite having ruled the country twice. The first time with José Sarney in 1985 and then in 1992 with Franco.

Anyway, we hope that this transitional government really bring us the order and progress promised on his first day.

Now, in confession, I wish the current president a good government and deposit it the confidence that we must pay to the new rulers, even if they have not been elected to vote mine. After all, it works like this democracy!