Things of Brazilian democracy.

04/17/2016 go down in history as the day that democracy will prevail or bleeding?

The Brazil although so young already shows quite a jolt democracy. Anyone who has spent thirty knows very well what I’m talking about. Impeachment process is quite traumatic for any country, although necessary at certain times.

More than knowing prevent presidents, would be of much greater value to learn to vote. This would save the time and emotional / political desgate.

According to the progress of the Brazilian impeachment rite, today we have one more step in the process or an end. Regardless of the side you are, the only certainty is that the country will suffer a lot with it. If President Dilma can remain in office, its governance will be greatly compromised. Especially with the output of the PMDB!

If the impeachment process proceed, our economy remains committed and parties interested in the implementation of the impediment continued using their influence for, the few, go stopping the country in order to push the population to abide by their interests – which may already be the it also.

Anyway, God bless us and make political interests do not protrude to the population’s needs.


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