Why?(te) America

White-splain /(h)wit slan/


make clear to black people by describing in more detail or revealing irrelevant facts or ideas.

The story seems all too familiar. Cop kills unarmed Black man. Cop explains that the black man was an iminent threat to his life. Cop goes free. Unarmed Black man’s family does not recieve justice. Repeat.

White man kills unarmed Black man. White man explains that the black man was an eminent threat to his life. White man goes free. Unarmed Black man’s family does not recieve justice. Repeat.

Insert the White-splain. “We don’t know what happened before this!”, “Well, if he had just listened to officers we would be alive today!”, “Everything isn’t about race, Im tired of the media race-baiting!” , “What About black on black crime?” “I”m not going to feel guilty because I’m white”, or the obligatory “ I understand that you are upset, but do you have to show your displeasure like that?”, “Dr. King did not fight like this and change came!” (My personal favorite)

Popular image of Dr. Kings Quote that has been spreading since uprising began.

Opposite. No justice, No peace!! Justice for **insert name**. Hashtag RIP**insert name**. March in streets. Demonstrate and exercise freedom of speech……. FIN

Outcome: Absolutely No-Fucking-Change.

Why America? Why(te) America? Nothing??? Silence. Crickets. Okay, well while the answer to this questions continues to go unanswered, I will attempt to assist you in answering your questions 1 at a time. Please everyone line up in an orderly fashion.

So lets spend a little time breaking this down and composing answers and/or rebuttals to your white-splaining/questions/concerns. Some answers will be long, some short, but all recognized and responded to.

“We don’t know what happened before this!” The response for this one is very difficult to understand, however can be answered in 4 simple, easy to understand words. Are you ready for this one? Wait for it. Wait. Wait. IT. DOESN’T. FUCKING. MATTER. The justice process is a simple process (though corrupt). It goes as followed: Perp is arrested. Perp is apprehended. Perp is jailed. Perp is trialed by a group of their peers. Perp is found guilty or not guilty. Freed, or Jailed. With this said these unarmed black men are not only robbed of their lives, but their due process. The crux of our american justice system.

“Well if he had just listened, he would be alive right now!”. In america, you don’t have to listen to the police, as if this were an authoritarian state. The punishment for resisting arrest is NOT death. I’ll say it again for the people in the back and the people in the classroom who rode on a bus with only two rows of seats. THE PUNISHMENT FOR RESISTING ARREST IS NOT DEATH! Fun fact **cue game show music** Did you know that several people of color are arrested every year, and their only crime? Resisting arrest. HOW can you be arrested for resisting arrest? Think about it. No other crime committed? What? Wait…

White Americans Protesting wearing mask due to pandemic

“Everything isn’t about race, I’m tired of the media race-baiting!” Let me tell you something my friend. Come closer. Just because your black “friends” don’t go around giving you their up-to-date commentary on race, and how it affected them today, does not mean they don’t constantly have to think with their white-cap on. Everything from their clothing, to their music, to thier hairstyle might be offensive to a white person causing a panic, and we know white people aren’t great when there is a black face involved. Might not end well for that chocolate american.

Ahmad Arbery, Murdered by two “panic stricken” white males

“What about black on black crime?” Easy. Gang member number 1 kills gang member number 2, gang member number 1 will most likely be arrested and serve his or her time in jail. Juxtaposed with White man number 1 kills black man number 1, and is never trialled, or is trialled without a conviction. One of these things ain’t like the other.


“Im not going to feel guilty because I’m white!” Good. Don’t. Fell angry because you are an american. An american witnessing the murder of other americans in american streets, by the americans that have swarn to serve and protect… Americans. Gunned down. Shot. Dead. Americans.

“I understand that you are upset, but you don’t have to show your displeasure like that!” Peaceful protest. “GO HOME, NOT LIKE THAT!”. Take a knee in silent protest. “I CANNOT ENJOY MY NACHO’S AND WATCH HIM DISRESPSECT AMERICA AND THE MILITARY!” Violent protest, loot in streets, “UH, DO THE OTHER THINGS!”. Bottom line is, don’t tell people how to express their outrage or, like a cannister of oil sheen blowing on a match stick, shits gonna get hot.

And lastly. My All-Time favorite. “Dr. King didn’t do this and change came!” Umm, guys. He fucking died! Hello?! Murdered! You guys still here? Murdered on a balcony? First you hearing about this? Killed in front of his peers. By racist Americans? NO? The only change that came for him was from alive to dead. He was not able to see the changes that would eventually come. If you want to dig deeper into the subject, political pressure is what caused change. The continued loss of money due to boycotting, the upheaval of social constructs and capitalism. Dr. King died reading the same shit in the paper, and seeing the same images on his television screen that we see today on our smartphones. A why(te) america with it’s knee on the neck of a black man.

Well that’s my time for today folks. What did we learn today? Lets say in all together class! Join the movement or move Bit… get out the.. y’all know the rest.

So my friends the next time a white man kills a black man and there is no recourse to the matter…




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