8 Important Things That You Should Consider When Building mCommerce

There are many important facets of creating a viable mCommerce platform for a small business. Carelessness may lead to a loss or worse, your customers choosing your competitor. Below, we have outlined 8 important factors that will help you create the most revenue for your business.

Mobile First Web Design
There is a heavy reliance on the user experience in the tech world. If your customer does not enjoy using your service, it is likely that they will find a competitor and use their platform instead. Creating a design for your mobile commerce platform that enhances the user experience will convert followers into customers. Utilizing a mobile app that is compatible with the Prestashop mobile app or Magento mobile app will ease cross-platform accessibility between your mCommerce and eCommerce websites, easing the experience of your customer.

Keep It Simple
Taking notes from Google, simplicity is important for your customer. Avoid incorporating vast amounts of information on your mobile app because it will confuse your customer. Confusing your customer will lead them to a competitor.

Enhance the Mobile Experience
Studies suggest that customers shop from their mobile device for 51% of their transactions. Therefore, creating a mobile commerce website is vital to the success of your business. There are many tools you can execute to enhance the experience of your customer. For example, implementing an omni-channel business model can be the differentiation between you and your competitors.

Anticipate Your Customer’s Expectation
There are many ways to anticipate what your customer will want. Different methods ranging from building user profiles to A/B testing will ensure your business strategy is moving in the correct direction. Many companies like the Financial Times utilize have used A/B testing in the past to understand how their customer perceives the company. A/B testing is done by showcasing a new template for a website but allowing the option to regress to the old version as well. This way, you can survey your customer and understand what they like and dislike about the newer template.

Maintain Brand Identity Across Platforms
The strength of the company brand can be the difference between a cultlike following for your product, and having to fight for market share. Maintaining brand identity through your brick and mortar store, eCommerce website, and mCommerce website will strengthen the overall brand of your business. The Magento mobile app and Prestashop mobile app encourage brand awareness while also optimizing your data analytics.

Omni-Channel Experience
As mobile commerce grows, new technologies are coming out to ease the user experience. Omni-channel business models are beginning to grow in the government and financial sectors. This method of business encourages higher levels of conversion because anything done on an eCommerce site will be saved and recalled at a brick and mortar store and mobile store.

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