How to choose best SEO tool for your business

It is a proven fact that the site visitors prefer to browse through websites that are easily navigable and enable them to get the required information. The main reason why some of the websites are able to attain higher ranking in search engines than other sites is because of adhering to a powerful web marketing technique called the Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEO analysis online is a technique which facilitates the search engines to locate your website and rank your site higher than millions of other websites in response to a search query. Thus, it enables online store owners to get more flow of traffic to their site and enhance revenue.

But, implementing a successful SEO strategy is not an easy job, mainly because of the ever-growing competition in the online business industry. SEO agencies more often try to employ best SEO tool to facilitate websites to access a higher ranking in search engines.

One of the best tools for taking care of all your SEO related activities is the Elite Site Optimizer (ESO) which is an innovative SEO tool for small business to facilitate them to focus on Keyword Ranking Analysis, Mobile Ranking Analysis, and many other capabilities. The ESO is of immense use for SEO Professionals and website owners to check their domain performance across varied search engines through features like monitoring domain keywords and that of competitors, analyze domain pages and performance on search engines via rank analysis, competitive analysis, on-page site elements analysis, tracking the visitors of the domain and their sources, social signal tracking. The custom reports builder feature of ESO facilitate the domain owners and SEO professionals to build and schedule to receive custom reports on the performance on varied domain parameters efficiently. A detailed review of the awesome features of ESO can throw light on the necessity of employing this dynamic tool for eCommerce SEO purposes.

Keyword analysis

The ESO efficiently tracks keyword rankings for various pages of your domain on search engines. Also, the Mobile Keyword Ranking analysis feature of ESO Is highly useful to keep track of your domain performance across varied search engines. Further, the SEO professionals can set preferred pages for tracking keywords for attaining on the top of SERP. The keyword ranking feature of ESO helps site owners to plan further optimization, through making a comparison with the keywords of the competitor’s domain.

Site Audit

A regular site audit assumes greater significance for any online business. A site audit helps in identifying poor performing site areas and safeguarding your site from on-page SEO errors and potential usability issues. The Site audit feature of Elite Site Optimizer addresses efficiently such issues that may adversely affect your domain’s search engine rankings.

Link Checker Analysis

At times, dead or broken hyperlinks on your website can force visitors to leave your site which in turn can cause real damage to your online business reputation. Hence it is vital to ensure that all the links mapped across your site are functional and running. The Elite Site Optimizer is an amazing tool that can be leveraged to optimize your website. The Link Checker Analysis feature of ESO offers timely data about the status and condition of the numerous internal links on the domain. The link checker analysis feature of ESO also generates a summary report of the result of the web links analysis in an Excel or PDF formats for the site owners to take corrective measures.

Social Signal Tracking

Social signal tracking is yet another feature from ESO and it enables you to track your brand’s social signals across diverse popular social networks platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+ etc. It is quite natural that visitors who target your website will definitely connect with social networks. Hence, it is essential to keep track of the social signals that your brand is accruing. ESO is the best SEO tool that has the capability to collectively gather all the social interactions with regards to your site and subsequently to generate a social interaction data report.

This comprehensive report systematically offers you with the required statistics based on all the social activities that have occurred, such as Facebook Likes, Facebook Shares, Facebook Comments, Google+1s, Twitter Tweets, Linked In posts, Blog posts, Pinterest Pins and more. It shows the number of social signals per platform and related details, in addition to the traffic analytics report for the domain via social networks/websites.

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