Seven Tips for Bringing Traffic to Your E-commerce Store

The first sale is ever the hardest to get. However, once you’ve got a few customers into your online store, you need to make sure that they come back again and again. If you seem for ways to improve website traffic and sales, here are seven useful tips:

1) Newsletters/e-mailers: Sending out newsletters/e-mailers on a regular basis is a great way to keep your subscribers informed about your new products. Newsletters/e-mailers help you connect with new customers and build a relationship with your existing ones.

2) Publish quality content: By constantly updating their algorithms, search engines have made sure that quality content gets rewarded. So don’t go copying and pasting manufacturers’ product descriptions. Revise it or write it new and publish it in your store. You can surely see a significant difference in your search engine ranking and therefore in traffic.

You can also have a blog or article section within your site. This space can be used to publish content that provides users with useful tips about the products and services you are selling.

3) Pay Per Click: Pay Per Click is also a great way to pull more traffic to your eCommerce store & e-commerce development. This method has a cost associated with it. However, it is a quick way to bring some initial traffic to your store. If you are planning to run Pay Per Click campaigns, it would be better to seek the help of an agency and keep aside a few bucks to run the campaign.

4) Share your content on social media sites: Social media sites have enabled us to reach a large audience. You can start promoting your store and products on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter by setting up a profile in your business name. Once the profile is ready, you can start posting blogs and articles that your customers may find useful. You can tweet regularly or get your fans to use the Facebook “like” feature to tell their friends about your e-commerce store and the products featured in it.

5) Encourage user interaction: Introducing reviews or allowing users to write reviews or blog posts is another great way to make your customers come back and make repeat purchases.

6) Join forums: Join high traffic forums within your store’s niche and participate as an expert. Put your link in the profile if they allow it and contribute to discussions actively. Be sure not to spam users and get yourself blocked.

7) Do Guest Blogging: Guest blogging is also a way of promoting your content. You can reach out to diverse bloggers in your industry and request them to post or promote your content. There are various websites out there that are looking for high-quality content. You can confer them the content you have posted before, and if they are satisfied, they will allow you to post your blog as a guest.

By implementing these seven effective promotional activities, you can inject a spike of activity back to your e-commerce store and witness a significant increase in your traffic and sales.