Luke Trayser

Clapping at first glance threatened to be just another of those anti-intuitive features Medium is blessed with, that only the initiated can deal with. As far as I can tell though, clapping seems, surprisingly, like one of those intuitive (his word) self-teaching features young Bill Gates once imagined for his new Windows. Who’d have thought.

About “only the initiated”: For example, after browsing through the various quite detailed editing menus, I’ve yet to find — well, 77-year-olds don’t often have perfect vision — the answer to that common question: “How do you replace one word with another?”

I realize I may be embarrassing myself, but if I can master The Daily Kos I can’t be completely dense.

And you kids get off my lawn.

[Addendum: I finally figured it out, but it required lots of anti-intuitive (love that word) back-flips and head-standing. Oh well.]