Frank’s Finds 3: Logic

For this find, I’ve chosen to focus on a new, favorite artist of mine, Sir Robert Bryson Hall II otherwise known as Logic.

I first “discovered” Logic while getting my hair cut. The guys in the barbershop were playing songs from his second album, The Incredible True Story, and talking about the album. All I could really hear were the beats and a little bit of the lyrics but I knew I had to check it out. So, when I got home that night I added his album to my Spotify account and proceeded to listen to it on repeat every day at work for the next week.

“A prophet don’t do it for the profit” — Lord Willin

The things that stand out about Logic are the density of his lyrics, song concepts, and production quality. He has incredible delivery, a good voice, and uses complicated rhyme schemes. On top of that, almost every song he makes has strong message or deeper meaning and makes you pay attention. Finally, pretty much every song is beautifully produced and sounds dope.

For me, both Logic’s first album, Under Pressure, and his second, The Incredible True Story, are phenomenal for ideation and creation. It’s the kind of music you can easily zone out to and whether you like to listen closely to every lyric or just bop along to the beats, it’s perfect.

“If I sell a brick I can buy a house / if they find a key the might lock me up” — Gang Related

^ Side Note: The bars above is by far my favorite that I’ve heard so far. He’s rapping from the perspective of his older brother in this song, and here he saying that if he can manage to sell a brick of cocaine then he will have enough money to buy a house. However, if police find a key of cocaine they will most likely lock him up. He uses the terms brick and key to describe drug amounts and also allude to a house and jail cell simultaneously. It’s brilliant.

If you want to know more about who Logic is, check out his website I also highly recommend checking out his two albums, Under Pressure and The Incredible True Story, along with any other Mixtapes and EP’s he has available. Thank you for reading!

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