Mind Squatters

Mind Squatters . . .

What do you think about?

Is there something that occupies your mind to the point that you hear yourself telling family, friends, colleagues, yourself, “I don’t have time for this right now”, even if what is right in front of you is something that you treasure and value most?

Do you find yourself never truly present in the moment to wonder about the validity of that thing, or things, that so fully occupies your thoughts, that have in effect become mind squatters? Over time they settle in more permanently, get comfortable in their power and starting to crowd everything else out with their loud and brash nature. Bully-like with their nagging, berating you, egging you on, game playing, pointing fingers and casting a shadow that follows you constantly. Exhausting you. Becoming all encompassing.

No-one can physically operate well in tight, enclosed spaces. Why should your thoughts be any different? As a society we’ve embraced the open plan concept in our home, our work and our schools with full gusto. We knock down the walls, de clutter our rooms, let light and space and air flow, create Feng Shui so that there is harmony and balance in our exterior spaces that is ironically conducive to our mind and spirit. I mean who renovates these days and actually puts up walls? Who opts for the ‘smaller, more claustrophobic’ look?

Yet, what are your expectations when it comes to what you allow to take refuge in your mind? Is there any discipline in your hood, or is it just a free for all? Who is in charge of Project You? How much of the beauty around you can you truly absorb when the space in your head resembles a chaotic tumble of thoughts, or a few dominating, self-limiting thoughts?

Here is a question to ask yourself honestly. How much power do you currently exert in the equation? After all, they’re just thoughts. And like any unwelcome guest in your home, you can ask them to leave and if you choose to, you can become stronger, more aware and more resolute in creating boundaries for the future. You hold the key, but who is in control? Perhaps it’s the thought that it’s too late for change, that you’re not good enough, you don’t deserve the success you crave, you’re not worthy of more, that you HAVE to do this thing or be this way because you have no choice, or maybe you are just tired of constantly thinking about when you can next have that next drink to get you through.

If you build it, they will come. I believe I heard that in a movie some time ago. Imagine creating a mindset space that is a reflection of where you would like to live, whatever that looks like for you. A completely 100% mirror image of who you are, what you love and where you want to be. And imagine the thoughts that might want to rest in such a place? I guarantee those destructive mind squatters have much less chance of lingering if you take charge of your inner home.

If you want to soar you need a mindset with wings.