Season Of Shearing

Isaiah 53
[7]He was oppressed and treated harshly,YET HE NEVER SAID A WORD . He was led like a lamb to the slaughter. And as a SHEEP IS SILENT BEFORE THE SHEARERS,he DID NOT OPEN HIS MOUTH .

Peradventure we know this prophecy concerning our Saviour
Perhaps it has been to us a point of sweet solemn repose 
Perchance our hopes have been buoyed up by such an endeavour 
Today I wish we all purpose to pause 
And revolve around this thought "How could He remain dumb"?

He was obedient unto death, even death of the cross 
Strangely though He did not murmur or repine 
It behoves us so when shorn of our earthly tinsel and dross 
Let worldlings look, yet find none, for cursing, fuss and whine Ergo lie still, the Careful Shearer has bloodless shears !

As He rained manna and gives meat in due season 
So does fiery trial come to us only in summer 
For then we can do without our wools of comfort and glamour 
So even though the gentle shears reach our skin whilst we’re shorn 
And our twitching faces grow pallid and lose colour 
And we let out piteous cries of utter dolour 
Yet the wool we loose is to God’s glory, our only reasonable service!

Though oft frail as sere leaf driven of the tempest 
The fleece He borrows is our cumbrous load 
He "casts down all exulting itself against the knowledge of God"
"Behold our God will come, even God with recompense"the best 
Yeah we'll understand it better by and by, when saved to the uttermost!

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