We Are His Husbandry

Psalms 65
[10]You DRENCH the plowed ground with rain,MELTING THE CLODS and LEVELING THE RIDGES. You SOFTEN THE EARTH with showers and bless its ABUNDANT CROPS .

A truism at its best, we are God's tillage 
"Ye are God's husbandry "by sovereign choice His acreage 
By His bloody sweat, He's reclaimed every rood 
Electing love has timely purchased us, not by corruptible silver or gold 
Every clod of earth has felt from the heart of love, drips of blood!

Aforetime we laid bare and barren, future bleak and oblique 
Yet by deep lines of grace He’s laid a hedge, declaring us unique 
Thus the wasteland of lustful thistles and accursed thorns of sin 
Has by His Spirit felt the ploughshare of conviction deep within 
Dry and crumbly earth blown about by every wind of doctrine 
The Lord has made bright clouds, wet and compacted them by genial showers of rain !

The Lord keeps it, lest any hurt it, night and day 
He prunes off the briars and brambles and casts the tares away 
Yea "He makes it soft with showers, blesses the springing thereof "
Even as the seed of the Gospel sprouts, He gives it a body you know not of 
Thus it can be said "He hath clothed me with garments of salvation "
And "Cause righteousness and praise to spring forth before all nations. "

But the world is a waste, and He looks nothing from it 
Barrenness suits the moorland, to a farm it would be great discredit As love looks for returns of love, grace demands gracious fruit 
To His vineyard He’s shown great expenditure of cost and thought 
Shall we cast a slur upon His goodness by bringing all these to naught? 
Lest He takes away the hedge thereof, break down the wall and leave us fallow in a miry pit!

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