I’m a young liberal and there’s no way I’m voting for Bernie Sanders
Rebecca Unger

Ok, so here I am, offically old and just now 60, old enough to be the writer’s grandpa.

First, I applaud her. Smart, well written, well articulated. I like Rebecca Unger. If she was my daughter, I would be proud. She is going places.

Many good points, but seriously, “So I hate to break it to you my fellow Millennials, but a vote for Bernie Sanders is a selfish act: an indulgence of a fantasy, an impractical, high-minded quixotic vision for an America that can never exist; it would be like striking a match against a damp surface.”

So, I am living a fantasy. Trump says “Make America great again.” I say, give me back democracy. We sold it down the tubes. Our politicians, including Hillary, are all bought and paid for and in the pocket of their minders.

We live in an oligarchy. Wall Street used to have to steal it, now we just give it to them by the truckloads. Our system is corrupt, our political institutions are failing and our country is a mess.

I have a fantasy, yes I do, and yes, whereas Rebecca, lost her ideals, I hold on to mine. I am actually going to vote for the only person I trust, the only person telling the truth, the only person that speaks for me and what I believe and what I want fixed. Even if Bernie does not get nominated or elected, part of democracy is that I want to be heard. He speaks for me and for many others who are sick of the status quo. Rebecca says it will never exist. I remember being 15 years old during the Vietnam war and someone telling me that “Peace will never exist.” My answer was “Not as long as people think like you.” She maybe right. I may be delusional to want a better world, “a fantasy, an impractical, high-minded quixotic vision for an America that can never exist”, but, well, you know, it should!