Serious Writers Never Quit: 5 Strategies to Win at Writing

Awaken your writing warrior today

Frank McKinley
Sep 24 · 5 min read

This is my review of Serious Writers Never Quit, Bryan Hutchinson’s book. What follows are the five most powerful lessons I learned as I went through the book.

Are you a serious writer?

Maybe someone has asked you that and you scratched your head.

“Sure. I’ve always been serious.”

But what does that mean? Is there one definition? Or is it up to you to decide what that means?

Yes, and yes.

The simple answer is serious writers write. They may not do it every day, but they want to. If you’ve ever struggled with wondering whether you’re a serious writer, or whether your words make sense enough for anyone to read or care about, this book will show you the way.

Serious writers play the mind game to win.

We all talk to ourselves.

You wake up in the morning and tell yourself it’s going to be a great day or that you’re so tired you wish you could sleep forever. You look at your draft and either stoke the fire or let it die from neglect. The choice is yours, and it makes all the difference.

What do you tell yourself when you sit down to write?

Here’s something to think about. If you’re a parent, would you tell your kid, “Your art is crap. A monkey could do better than that.”

Of course you wouldn’t, if you love them.

Instead you say, “Man, that is great! Good job!”

Then they feel empowered to do more; and the more they do, the better they get.

Your first draft won’t be perfect. But that doesn’t mean it’s just a steaming pile of crap either. Pour your heart out when you write down your first thoughts. Don’t criticize yourself (there will be time for that later). Those first words are a mix of gum and gold.

You have to get it down to dig out the diamonds.

Grab your copy of Serious Writers Never Quit right here !

Don’t let your doubts and fears sabotage you.

Now that you have your self talk set, it’s time to deal with excuses.

I can’t write because I don’t feel like it. Why work so hard? There’s no guarantee it will sell. Sure, it’s good. But it’s not great.

Let’s take those three and disprove them.

You can write whether you feel like it or not. This book is filled with strategies to push against your feelings and leverage them to your advantage.

Who cares if it sells? You have to finish first. And if you’ve dug down deep enough, your story will resonate with someone. Do it for them, and make art for your own well-being.

Great? Says who? Great is as subjective as good. Go for effective instead. That’s what serious writers do every day.

This book will help you win the battle for your mind and your will.

Awaken your writing warrior now.
Awaken your writing warrior now.
Photo by Brooke Lark on Unsplash

Give writing your full focus.

The author assures you again and again that your writing matters, and it does.

Create your perfect writing space. Go there every day. Shut off every distraction that can derail you. This is your time.

Use it to write something that only you can.

Focus will get your draft done, help you persevere through the challenges along the way, and finally bring your finished book to market.

This can be your year.


And if distraction does throw you off course, this book will help you find your way back.

Ignore your critics.

You know what kind I’m talking about.

The ones that say, “Writing is a nice hobby, but don’t give up your day job.”

Or “Are you kidding me? You tell a story like that? Get out of here!”

Don’t listen to people who don’t believe in you. Your writing isn’t for them anyway. It’s for the people who feel what you’ve felt and understand your journey.

Nothing great ever happened without critics trying to sabotage it.

If that’s happening to you, be glad!

Serious writers press on through any difficulty because their work matters that much.

Use a journal as a tool for better writing.

Sometimes you need to vent.

Other times you need to dig deeper into an idea and take it for a test run.

You can do all this at your desk in the pages of your journal.

Bryan’s journal made him the writer he is today. Mine has given me space to think, explore, and yes, vent. Do you have one? If not, you should seriously consider starting.

You’ll find a whole chapter devoted to journaling in the book. If you want to go deeper, check out Bryan’s course The Art of Positive Journaling.

And here’s an added bonus. When you write in your journal, you flex your writing muscles. That creates momentum that will help you finish your manuscript or whatever you’re working on.

Grab your copy of Serious Writers Never Quit now.

You can do this. You have a serious writer inside you. This book will take you on a deep dive into these strategies and a whole lot more.

Click on the book cover to get your copy. Then come back here and tell me what you learned and what you’re doing with it!

For a limited time only, if you write a review about the book for your blog, Bryan will share it with his audience! Learn more .

Disclosure: The links to the book are affiliate links. But don’t worry, it won’t cost you a penny more!

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