Frank McLain — Thoughts on Health Care Directives

Frank McLain helps families address succession matters. This would include people who run family businesses, but it extends to other people who want to make sure that their loved ones are fully protected. When you are preparing for the latter portion of your life, you should cover all of your bases with regard to the appropriate legal documents. One area that should be addressed is the matter of health care decision-making. Before you pass away, you may become unable to communicate sound medical decisions on your own. This potential scenario is addressed through the creation of documents called advance health care directives. Frank McLain often helps clients put these important documents in place.

One advance health care directive that everyone should have is a living will. This is a type of will that has nothing to do with monetary matters. Physicians can sometimes keep people alive through the utilization of artificial life-sustaining measures. With a living will, you state your preferences regarding the utilization of these measures. Another advance health care directive is a durable power of attorney for health care or health care proxy. A Living Will is going to be focused on the matter of life support, but other types of decisions can present themselves. If you execute a health care proxy, an agent of your choosing would be empowered to make medical decisions on your behalf if you become unable to make them yourself.

When you work with an attorney like Frank McLain to execute these advance directives, you can be certain that your own true wishes will be honored if you ever become unable to communicate them.