8 Places to discover fresh newsletters

Something’s going on with newsletters. The growth in new titles is far from over and existing newsletters see more and more subscribers. Slowly but surely an ecosystem is created around the medium, from new mailing services to technical and editorial consultancy.

Discovery and relevance are important drivers to find new readers. Where can your potential audience find you and how do you emerge from the growing supply?

There is no central search engine where you can search specifically through all newsletters. The decentralized nature of newsletters makes it even more difficult. There are already a number of sites where you can search for newsletters. Based on category, frequency or just by clicking on interesting names or screenshots. I have listed the most relevant search engines for you. There might be more, if you come across one, let me know. Then I can keep this list up to date.

Thanks for Subscribing.

I’m prejudiced because this is my own site. I update the site at most twice a week because I curate everything manually. I choose which newsletters get on the list. You can search by keywords, category and similar newsletters. The list has English newsletters and a number of Dutch titles. You can also subscribe to receive weekly new titles in the mail.


I think this is one of the older lists, with over 800 titles. The site depends on reader contributions, you can also filter by category or see which newsletters have recently been added. InboxReads has a small blog where Keenan focuses on a collection of newsletters around a theme.

Find Your Newsletter

Driven by reader submissions, with little extra information about the newsletter before you click through. It has some curation, newsletters are linked via categories. There are quite a few niche newsletters among them.


A great combination of newsletters and interviews with newsletter makers. The author(s?) choose their guests carefully and the interviews give a nice look behind the scenes. From list growth to the business model. Highly recommended if you write your own newsletters!

Substack Discover

Substack seems to have his momentum these days. It provides everything to start a newsletter, including a blog and the possibility to have private or paid services. The list of new Substacks is growing daily, more and more niches are added.

Revue Discover

This Dutch service focuses primarily on publishers and the news industry. Their consumer newsletter service is worth a try if you want to get started with your own newsletter. There is plenty of value to be found on their Discover site. Lots of famous names and every now and then a niche title. A nice addition is that each detailpage shows the latest edition of the specific newsletter.

Rad Letters

Rad is straight forward. An icon, title, explanation and subscriber button. Click on the categories to find similar titles. The creator of this list recently started a blog to interview newsletter authors on their workflow and background.


This site is not live yet but I’m very curious what they will do. The subtitle “Producthunt for newsletters” sounds promising as well as the promise to bring curated editions of specific titles to your attention on a daily basis.

Newsletter discoverability and recommendations will play an important role as the number of newsletters continues to rise as it does now. Just like we needed search engines when the web grew, we will go through a similar development for newsletters. Until then, the above places with curated titles are a great place to start finding interesting newsletters. Let me know if you find any interesting titles on these sites!

Photocredit: Robert Wiedemann on Unsplash

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