The Twitter Trump Bots to follow

Twitter oh Twitter how I love thee. Not just because of the great network of people to find. But to read breaking news, cure my procrastination blues and sharpen the wordswords in 140-character debates. Thank god there’s more on Twitter than real people.

Because of the open character of Twitter, anyone with some programming skills can build on the network. Incoming Twitterbots. I ❤️ Twitterbots. And with the upcoming US elections nothing is better than checking out Twitterbots related to The Donald. I want to share my favorites with you. Have fun and follow the accounts for some giggles in your timeline.

Hulk Trump

Make America Green Again? Replace Trump’s own name in his tweets with Hulk and go all-caps.

Unsure Trump

Replace the exclamation mark in Le Trump’s tweets with a questionmark and see how the emotion in his tweets change.

Mechanical Trump

Make Trump Tweet Again. Regurgitates Trump speeches & tweets into unintelligible gibberish.

Every Trumpette

Finding humanity in the eyes of Trump fans…

Deep Drumpf

A neural network trained on Donald Trump transcripts. With some very scary results….

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