Hi everyone!
Genevieve Guenther

Genevieve Guenther, bravo on your article in defense of “The Uninhabitable Earth”! Those scientists were simply in shock at seeing the naked consequences of the very thing they have been investigating all along, an extreme example of the denial and compartmentalization that even the most intelligent and well-informed minds are capable of. It is revealing and pitiful, the kind of thing we are up against. Your article is so well researched and heartfelt, it is a major contribution in itself. But what got me is your fighting spirit and your conviction, which I wholeheartedly share and been talking about for years, that the artist is an essential, in my opinion, the most essential element in trying to save complex life in this planet from utter destruction by global warming. That may sound exaggerated, but if you consider the non-linearity of things like economics, or having children, or the desperation of starving people, or simply losing all hope for the future, utter destruction is not such an exaggeration. I myself am a climate scientist doing the math on ways to reverse climate change and restore the world’s soil and ecology by biological means, and what drives me are precisely the images conjured up by your article. I think that the antidote to the current insanity tightening its grip on the world is hope based on accurate information, and creating the incentives and startup resources to do so, and sharing the vision of a world of peace, trust, and natural abundance that is possible.