Every businesses needs to grow to exist. By applying so-called growth tactics, companies aim for their annual growth goals. Well-known examples of growth tactics are direct markering, loyalty programs and online lead generation. But while most growth tactics are pretty basic and well-known, some companies prefer the darker and covert methods for growth. Their tactics are called dark patterns.

The difference between growth tactics and dark patterns is that the latter are morally deviant. Dark patterns are growth tactics designed to put the audience on the wrong track. Examples are pre-filled checkboxes on web forms, optional products marketed as essential…

Five years ago, I became a speaker by accident. The agency where I worked, wrestled with some notable challenges but my co-workers were mainly introverts. So I took the stage and have remained there since. Turns out I like speaking and people like listening to my stories. Awesome.

In speeches, I sometimes reflect on new tech developments, which explains why events often refer to me as trendwatcher on their invitations. I don’t mind that title. It has a certain ring to it. Also, there’s a large and welcoming market out there for traveling trendwatchers like me.

Becoming a trendwatcher

Spotting trends is easy…

Frank Booij

Uomo Digitalis. Strategist. Speaker. Scamp. Witty at banter. Fluent in sarcasm.

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