That Heineken Ad Isn’t Sweet; It’s Dangerous
Mirah Curzer

Mirah Curzer:

Do you really think that every time a man gives advice to a woman, it’s “mansplaining”? Should we label any advice going the other way as “womansplaining” and frown at it? No.

It seems to me that you are so engrossed in your own world view that you consider anyone who disagrees with you (and what seems to be a radical third wave feminism) as enemies.

This is the reason why I said that you are contributing to a society where authentic dialogue is slowly replaced by dismissal and censorship. And if you really think about that, I’m pretty sure that you don’t want it either;

The same mechanisms could in fact be used the other way in the future, should universities and the media become very conservative. You and other feminists (of whom I am one) could be subjected to the same “no-platforming”, judgment and ridicule that people like Milo Yiannopoulos are systematically receiving today.

You would think that to be deeply unfair and hate it — yet it’s exactly the same thing you yourself are doing to your opponents today.

As always, the answer is actually letting speech be free, and trusting that people are intelligent enough to decipher who has the best arguments. Win their hearts and minds by presenting your case as clearly and non-judgmental as possible. Then you will always win in the long run.

(P.S. This was written as part of a subthread response, but I decided to post it as main response.)

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