Incubator Designed for High School Startups Launches


The Whiteboard Incubator is three years in the making. Using current startup methodology, we have iterated, refined, and evolved our teaching approaches over a three year period, working with more than 400 students and teachers from over 20 countries. Launching in Summer 2017, the Whiteboard Incubator is accepting applications for its first class.

This project started in 2013, when at the request of a number of international schools, Whiteboard Youth Ventures launched a high school entrepreneurship summer program. What once was called the Young Entrepreneur Challenge is still running today as the Global Startup Challenge.

The roots of the Global Startup Challenge lie in teaching startup skills and business concepts to high school students from around the world. Our flagship location in Boston accepts 60 participants each summer. We are now expanding to a number of international locations including Hyderabad, India and Hong Kong, to reach even more students.

After the success our students experienced during the one-week summer program, many students wanted to continue the projects on which they worked. Some even launched businesses around their concepts, but lacked the support, guidance, and know-how to execute on their ideas.

The Whiteboard Incubator was designed for makers, builders, and hustlers — ideal candidates will have concepts ready to test in the market, ones that can fund growth through sales, and ones that have a clear picture of their customer segments.

Although the Incubator is industry and technology agnostic, we will prefer concepts with direct-to-consumer approaches, clear monetization plans, and obvious value creation. While we have a number of tools to build out mobile and web applications, founders should have comfort with the technology they plan to use or build.

Unlike other programs that call themselves incubators or accelerators, the Whiteboard Incubator does not have a tuition to participate, nor does it take equity from founders. The model relies on an alternative investment structure that allows companies to repay their initial investment only if the venture achieves certain metrics.

Accepted students will be given office space in the CIC Cambridge, legal work and advice, digital advertising assistance, mobile and web development tutoring, and financial guidance. The Incubator will run from June 25 to July 28, 2017 in Cambridge, MA.

Frank E. Pobutkiewicz,
+1 816–226–6940

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