Frank R. Harrison, President of Health-E-Media, on Hospitality

Frank R Harrison
Aug 1, 2018 · 1 min read

Technology is becoming an increasingly prominent feature in boosting guest hospitality at hotels. Of course, technology does not replace human hospitality, but can be used instead to supplement it. Technology can enhance human reception and interaction by providing a level of immediacy, efficiency, and convenience for hotel guests.

Here are a couple of examples as to how hotels are using technology to boost their hospitality and ability to cater efficiently to guest’s needs.

Create a Concierge Mobile App

By using mobile apps you are giving guests around-the-clock and low energy options to fulfill all of their basic needs with just the tap of a finger. For instance, there can be a simple click button for requesting more bath towels or pillows or even labeling the room “do not disturb” without having to leave the room. This option also provides space for readily available information on guest and pool services and additionally can offer the opportunity for a 24/7 connection with a hotel help-desk employee to be accessible for all other needs.

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Frank R Harrison

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Frank R. Harrison is an executive who aims to create a better quality of life for those without access to affordable healthcare.

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