7 secrets to creating a distinguishable admission essay

College application process is a stressful and important process that can determine the rest of your life. For most students, writing admission essay is the hardest threshold to pass in order to finish the three steps application process. Most of the applicants can’t really determine how they want to present themselves or don’t have the self-confidence necessary to write such an important literary piece.

Some of you may even think that it would be a good idea search for essay writer online and get someone else does all the hard work. This is always an option but the fact that you’re reading this articles shows that you want to do it yourself. The purpose of this article is to show you what you need to pay attention to in order to write an essay that will give you the best chances to pass the admission.

7 writing secrets for an amazing admission essay

Construct your essay

The first thing you should know before even starting to write is that there are two phases of essay writing.

• Planning your essay

• Writing your essay

When you plan your essay you need to think about the content of your work. Your essay needs to show that you are highly motivated to join the college and that you have something special to contribute. You need to show that you are the best choice and that your acceptance would not be just a compromise.

Writing your essay is the phase where you already decided which of your qualities you want to present. You also made a shortlist of motives for your application and now is the time to put it all on paper. In order to do the best job possible here are some tips that you should keep in mind while writing.

Use as many details as you can

In order to write an essay that would put you above all the competition, you need to write in details. Don’t miss out on anything you could think of and explain every argument you make. This will show the readers that you have attention to details and that you do your work thoroughly.

Use “big words”

Don’t be afraid to show off your vocabulary in your essay. Using simple terms won’t show that you are eloquent enough and this is something you want to avoid. But be sure not to overdo it, because your work might seem somewhat “fabricated”.

Use synonyms

Try not to repeat the same word too many times while you write. Find synonyms for those words you notice to appear often in your text. If you can’t remember a synonym, use some online tools to help you find the words you need.

Distinguish yourself

Write as much as you can about what you think places you aside from other people. Mention everything you think might be of importance, and if you run out of things you think are important, write about the rest.

Let the story flow

Try to write your essay in such a way that there is a certain continuity. Don’t jump from subject to subject, try and make the end of one paragraph seem like the intro for the next one. This will make your essay easy to read and to understand. You don’t want to lose your readers in the middle of your text.

Be yourself

People tend to present themselves in the best way possible. This often leads to them writing about who they want to be and now who they actually are. Your admission will be read by people who read these essays by the dozen, and they can recognize the honesty in writing. In truth, the best admission essay is the one that shows the best of real you. There is no way that you could present anyone else better than you’d present yourself.

Admission essay writing takes a lot of work and a lot of thinking. Sometimes, you need to sit and think for a couple of days before you even start writing. This article is here only to guide you through the process, there is no magic formula for success. Your words, your motivation, your own will to be accepted, that’s what determines the quality of your work. Use these guidelines and put yourself into your work, the end result will be an admission essay that you can be proud of.

Let us know in the comments below what you think about our article, we’d love to here if you have any other useful tips.