Escaping the “Cult of Pessimism.”
Frank W. Spencer IV

In reality, the zeitgeist of our day is one of pessimism as seen in the glut of movies, novels, news stories, studies, etc. all pointing to a seemingly inevitable demise of humanity while demonstrating the pathology of ignoring the long-arm of transformation that is manifested throughout macro-history as more than simply a glimmer of hope. Today’s bleak-minded “cult of pessimism” isn’t a “sincere perspective” or accurate representation of reality, and does nothing to inspire increased hope and continued positive change. What it does do is paint aspirational optimism as unintellectual naivety, and causes people to “keep their heads down” believing they CAN’T do anything. As noted in the article, optimism and visions of techno-social utopis are not the same thing. The latter is on par with a doomsday mindset as being ignorant and lazy, while the former is a call to transformational development and grand solutions in our national and global narratives. To quote the senior editor at The New Republic, “To build a better future we have to first imagine it.”

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