Frank Staples
Nov 1 · 1 min read

Hoo boy…not only are you dead ass wrong but you don’t know enough to admit it. Incidentally I have read the Kleck study and I didn’t represent it. And the CDC is absolutely allowed to study gun violence and did a study which backed up the Kleck study and then they sort of “forgot” about it under the anti-gun obama administration. So you’re the firearms illiterate, angry, and dis-functional gun hater and you are misrepresenting studies that you obviously know little or nothing about. Next time you write for publication you might want to know at least a little of what your subject matter is. It’s one thing to be mistaken but when you insist on your version of the truth then you become a liar. And then, just like the typical liberal leftists who frequent this site occasionally , you just have to call names about those who would correct your lies.

    Frank Staples

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