Frank Staples
Nov 1 · 1 min read

What a crock of liberal crap you spout here. The obama CDC did a study and then hid it until recently, that confirmed the Kleck study. Firearms in law abiding hands save lives and prevent crimes. Your bad…I’ll accept your apology. As a fireman I deal with people who pose a threat to themselves and I’d much rather a person commit suicide with a firearm than by running his or her car into a family and kids. If you haven’t done that then you don’t know the impact of your comment. Counting suicides in with the lawful and unlawful use of firearms is not completely honest as there are many, many ways of doing oneself in. Arms are regulated only by infringing upon the Constitutional rights of Americans. Our government has infringed upon those rights, probably unlawfully, if the question were to go before the Supremes.

    Frank Staples

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