2 Tips to Keep the Engine of Your Lawn Mower Running at Its Peak Performance

It’s summer and you are going to refuel your mower to maintain your garden. You might have to refuel the machine several times depending on the size of your yard. So, when you head to the pump to refuel its engine, make sure that you are getting the right type of fuel for your lawn mower. Be extra careful, as the wrong fuel can affect the performance of the engine and even damage the engine and possibly void the warranty. Always remember that your operator’s manual is always the best resource, but still, read this article for a quick guide to help you keep the engine of your lawn mower at its peak performance.

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1. Mix oil and fuel

Some Lawn Mowers Frankston engines require a mix of oil and fuel to run properly. Always check your operator’s manual to know the requirement engine and whether it’s an engine that requires a mix. If a mix between oil and gasoline is required, follow this easy guideline that is followed in general.

· 4 Stroke Engines: Do not mix oil with gasoline, or modify the engine to run on alternate fuels. Follow the guidelines of your operator’s manual and get the best fuel for the engine. Many of today’s lawnmowers use 4 Stroke Engines.

· 2 Stroke Engines: Many of today’s handheld outdoor power equipment like hedge trimmers Frankston and lawn mowers use 2 Stroke Engines. You can mix high-quality oil and gas at a ratio of 50:1. However, the ratio may vary depending on the product. So, be sure to check the specific ratio is for your equipment.

2. Fuel storage

Did you know that fuel can begin to stale in just 30 days? Stale fuel can become gum and varnish, which can further clog an engine’s components. These clogs can lead to inconsistent starting, poor performance or even engine failure. In addition, the poor performance of your engine due to stale oil can even void your engine’s warranty. So wondering, what is the solution? The solution is really simple; just improve your engine’s performance and life by adding an alcohol-free fuel treatment and stabilizer every time you add fuel to it. Always remember that regardless of the altitude of your garden, make sure you add an effective fuel treatment to your lawn mower and expect great service from the machine. Here is the word of caution for you; be safe while handling and storing fuel. All fuel and fuel vapours are extremely flammable and explosive, and they need to be handled with extreme care.

I hope, this article will come handy for you and ensure a long life for your essential garden tool, the lawn mower. Keeping your outdoor machine is proper condition is not a tough job; all you need is to do is follow some effective guidelines. Make sure to contact your local mechanic who has specialsed in lawn mower repairs Frankston to keep it working for a long period of time. You can also opt for ride on mowers Frankston to get the job done easily.

Author Bio — Taylor Cruz is a garden tool mechanic specialising in lawn mower repairs Frankston. He writes blogs on various garden equipment such as Lawn Mowers Frankston and hedge trimmers Frankston. He also mentions about ride on mowers Frankston.