1 Second NEO blocks hosted on Amazon -AWS

Recently there has been a lot of hype about 1 second block chains so I thought i’d do the same thing .

This is just a demonstration of how easy it is to use NEO and the capabilities it has. Easily the most developer friendly block chain.

I took a copy of the existing main net NEO NODES, modified the Protocols and config. Ran up some AWS EC2 instances and launched my own NEO private net using 1 second block times.

  • AWS EC2 instances
  • Public hosts EC2
  • Private NEO chain running NEO CLI 2.9.4
  • dBFT

All the documentation is super easy to run through here:

It’s pretty simple, throught he AWS console I spun up 3 instances using Ec2:

  • Setup your VPC, Setup your instances storage, security groups, networking and such and off you go:

Once the instances are online you just setup a few networking things around the firewall to get your connectivity going if you want it to be public facing.

Adjust your protocol.json files to reflect the nodes and setup some NEO-CLI stuff all mentioned in the NEO document above.

Now you can adjust the block times using the config:

Create your wallet:

Open up NEO CLI on all your nodes, open the wallet and start your consensus:

Below you can see the 3 nodes working in consensus, block times operating at 1 second. I do some commands such as list address and then send some assets between the wallets within 1 second.

When typing commands the state of the blocks will not display on the active powershell screen, look at screen 3 for this.

I also opened the clock to show seconds.

Hope you enjoy!

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