NEO Appears to be Expanding: Team growing Rapidly

First things first, Yes Malcolm Lerider has announced he has left NEO. Nobody knows exactly why, just that he has gone to another job. People change jobs, either for professional or personal reasons. You can speculate all you want on that but people freaking out need to take a step back and look at the new members.

Expansion is an understatement, Here’s what you forgot to read about:

In the last 4 Months alone NEO has had a large number of new staff to add to the already expansive team. Does one person leaving really need to draw such panic?

Each of these new hires can be read about under the Monthly reports from the NEO team (

In Janurary 2019 the NGD actually relocated to a new office as the old one was too small with all the recent growth:

New Hires: Software Developers:

New Hires: QA Engineers:

New Hires: Marketing:

New Hires: Ecosystem Growth:

So in conclusion:

Malcolm left. The team expanded.